Episode 39: Ugly Dolphin

May 16, 2018

Interview with Jeff Kahn of The Ugly Dolphin. Dana Multer performance poetry. Bennie Jackson as himself. Jam of the week: Ugly Dolphin sound check. All music in this episode is performed by Ugly Doplin (except for the first 2 things- that's the BJ)

This message will self destruct on July 1st. Better get your ducks in a row... hens in a line... Jesus on a barcalounger. This is it. Blow Jam is committing suicide... but don't worry... we will be reborn... in the blood of the non-believers...more info and updates as the day of reckoning tightens it's noose around our supple virgin necks.

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South Mountain Trails Bonus Episode 5

April 8, 2018

Another ad free bonus episode.


Episode 38: 16 Bit Perogie

March 25, 2018

Get ready for the 16 bit challenge. Featuring Bennie Jackson, Justin Wheaton, Ryan and Delia Blowjam. Delia's parents Kevvy k (aka street fighter) and Julie J swing by to judge the competition. Later we talk to our favorite 90's band the Perogies. Gonna be scood. Special thanks to Joey Kupillas (aka white Smokey Robinson) also Jack Blackman (aka Jackie Money) for once again squeezing into the vocal booth (aka closet) and spitting out some comedic gold. Safe. Jesus loves you.



South Mountain Trails Bonus Episode 4

March 2, 2018

Another ad free episode of South Mountain Trails with the Blow Jam posse...hikin' trails and lovin' life!


Episode 37: Monster Trucks

December 17, 2017

We love the podcast How Did This Get Made. And we love the movie Monster Trucks. The next logical step is this Blow Jam episide. Buckle your seatbelts... it's gonna be a bumpy ride.





South Mountian Trails Bonus Episode 3

November 27, 2017

Delia and Tito are back at it again- trouncing in the woods and spinnin' yarns...


Episode 36: Miscellaneous Brenda Part 2

November 21, 2017

Blow Jam once again cannon balls in the misty unknown. A psychedelic swath of entropy and weirdness. Miscellaneous Brenda part 2...the glory rolls on.

Happy Thanksgiving... Everyone hates you.


South Mountian Trails Bonus Episode 2

October 28, 2017

Delia's cohost Tito got his balls chopped off so she got someone else who can actually talk: her husband andco-creator of Blow Jam, Ryan! Ryan talks about other women and Delia is not mad at all. He also disclosed his multi-phased plan to confuse and test his company on a shallow level. This episode was recorded, unedited, outside on South Mountian... ad free! 


Episode 35: NYC and NHT

October 22, 2017

We went to New York City for the Now Hear This pocast festival. We saw a bunch of our favorite podcasts and thoroughly enjoyed each others company in the Big Apple. Now hear this episode... or else.

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South Mountian Trails Bonus Episode 1

October 15, 2017

Welcome to the mountian! In this bonus episode, we didn't edit a damn thing because we're badass. But no seriously, a BJ episode take a lot of effort and we wanted to try a lil something special to bring you a slice of life up here on the trails. Special guest: Tito Z. Jackson. Enjoy buds.


Episode 34: Eddie Money Spiedie Fest

October 8, 2017

Blow Jam goes to The Spiedie Fest to see Eddie Money rock out in all his glory Guest: Bennie Jackson





Episode 33: Highway to the EuroZone

July 9, 2017

Mutiny! Joe, Jackie and Delia made a grand exit from the Eddie Money School of Rock to pursue fame and fortune with their new band, The EuroZone.  They locked Randy into the vocal booth and left to go on tour in Europe. While in solitary confinement, Randy reflects on his life and his inner demons. Will Randy survive? Will the Eurozone actually achieve stardom? Listen to find out.

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Episode 32: 8-Bit Country Lotion

July 1, 2017

This epsode is focused on two diametrically opposed musical genres.  Blow Jam features a rousing  battle of wits with respect to 8-Bit video game music supremacy. Then Johnny Country of the band The Country Lotion leads the gang in an interesting and gut-busting performance Americana-style.

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Episode 31: Shit Brownies: Live From The Wicker Room!

June 23, 2017

Blow Jam presents their classic comedy acts performed by Delia Blowjam and The Wizard Rychie Rich Polish Palomino, with a special routine by Ryan Blowjam after the break. If you're not dying of laughter literally and figuratively and realistically and hypothetically, then keep listening to Dana's investigation into the inherent deisres of the shit brownie. Last but not least, it's Harvey  blowjamming our minds in the wicker room.


Episode 30: Russian Dragon

June 6, 2017

The Blow Jam Band experiences tension and abuse right out of the movie 'Whiplash.' When the dust settles, the gang hashes it out with counseling sessions and an intervention for Randy Money, the leader of the Eddie Money School of Rock Jazz Ensamble. Then Bennie Jackson brings over his Blowjamerator.

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Love, Blow Jam

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Episode 29 : Tragedy Blim Blam

April 23, 2017

In this episode the Blow Jam gang tries to spoof the almighty Comedy Bang Bang...hopefully we don't get sued. The Wizard Rychie Rich Polish Palamino and Stephanie the eyes of Medusa lay down some ill beats and dope rhymes. Good times for all.



Episode 28: Truffle Butter

April 13, 2017

Here's Blow Jam...



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Episode 27.5: Mini dick-A-sode

April 6, 2017

People been talkin shit that Blow Jam lost their edge. Well here's a bunch of songs about dicks... so suck it.


Episode 27: Forwarded to The Gates of Hell

March 28, 2017

After several failed attempts at making a stellar quality episode, Ryan and Delia finally got their shit together and created this gem to go in 2 of your side head holes and emerge in the form of laughter from your big front face hole. We  interviewed an accomplished 9 year-old, Ryan's brother Jack told us about his trip to our local cable/internet provider, and the Blow Jammers tried to guess what will happen next in the news, because… it's crazy. All music by Blow Jam The Band

607 Riot Grrrls FEMME FEST 3pm-11pm April 8th 130 Baldwin St. Johnson city, NY. Lots of female-led bands, activism, and community networks. Women unite!

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Episode 26: Blow Jam Presents: BLOW Talks with Deal Raz

January 14, 2017

Blow Jam is pleased to present a special episode in which we do TED-style talks with our Blow Jam spin. If you like to dream big or be insipred to change- this is the show for you.

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