Episode 25: The Best Blows and Jams of 2016 The Year of The Turtle Dick

January 5, 2017

Ryan and Delia lost their memory because they were playing with a toy from the future, called the Neuralizer, which makes anyone who fucks with it forget the last 10 years of their life. Luckily, The Wizard and his time travelling friend, Medusa, open up several dimensions and bring the Blow Jammers up to speed with the best of the best in our first year of podcasting. We really hope you enjoy this one- twas made with much love. 



Episode 24: Blow Jam Christmas Special: Gift Wrapperz’ Delight Uncut

December 26, 2016

Blow Jam Gets in the Christmas spirit in this epic uncut semi-live episode of madness and entropy. Featuring Stephanie Edson, Dana Multer, Vince Kelly (on drums in the segment clips) Ryan, Delia and The Wizard...so strap in...it's going to be a bumpy ride!  Merry Christmas!


Episode 23: Miscellaneous Brenda…etc…

November 25, 2016

Blow Jam cannonballs into the misty unknown in this psycedellic episode of entropy and weirdness. This is easliy Ryan's personal favorite episode. Behold his editing prowess. 

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Episode 22: My Dick Is A Computer (And Your Pussy’s Online) featuring The Pierogies

November 12, 2016

No, Blow Jam didn't spontaneouly combust. Ryan and Delia are still very alive much to the dismay of their adversaries. In this mini/bonus episode, we interview 90's rock band The Pierogies and find out what it takes to get sued by The Ramones. 

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Episode 21: Cougar Dan and The Astronauts

September 4, 2016

Blow Jam supports Louisiana flood victims and interviews Dan Pokorak whose awesome band, Adam Ate the Apple, provides the music for this episode. Our cashew cousin, Ryan Lee and his bandmate, John shed some light on their upcoming album Buffalo Arcade and vacationing at the cougar den. 

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Episode 20: Mouth Feel and Savory Featuring Joe Kupilas and The Foodstamps

August 23, 2016

Blow Jam interviews Joe Kupilas, drummer, keyboardist, and all around nice-guy. He's in a band with Ryan called The Foodstamps and their friendship goes way back to the nineteen-nineties. We experience a candid, behind-the-scenes, creation of a Foodstamps song; it's like you're in the band, and your band is crazy... crazy funny!


Episode 19: Horses And Jello Fish

August 16, 2016

Blow jam gets wasted and hits the town. We talk to Bill from Cavanaugh's. We Run into Sonny and Mark from Wreckless Marci. Hang out with Bennie and Kenny. Vince and Cory provide the music for this episode,,,enjoy!


Episode 18.5: Bonus! Wizrapzap.

August 13, 2016

Deal and the Wizard freestyle in the Blow Jam Pod... Ryguy rocks the kaossilator and makes some ill beats for your ear holes...so clock in and enjoy the madness of this historical Blow Jam moment...big ups..."I'm a baby; change my diaper"-The Wizard


Episode 18: Spiedie Fest Paradox

August 12, 2016

Ryan and Deal do something very Binghamton and go to the Spiedie Fest. The Wizard talks paradoxes and we freestyle- Ryan does the beats, as he should. Dana drops a dope rhyme and Nick York gave us the best samples- you just really gotta hear it.

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Episode 17: Ryan Lee and The Cashew Cousins

August 2, 2016

Blow Jam is zero parts Blow and 3 parts Jam in this rockin' episode. Ryan Lee, guitar virtuoso from the band, Like Astronauts, gives such a thorough interview that Delia and Ryan barely ask him any questions. Ryan Lee rocks out with Vince on the Drums, Maximum Lupo on bass and keys, and this guy, Corey, slapped the bass. Dana exposes his fiery passion and we all probe each other's consciences. 

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Episode 16: Blow Jam Escape from Dick Mountain Pokemon Boobcast

July 25, 2016

Blow Jam gets locked up with the Wizard... literally. Do they escape?! Ryan spends a night out with Bennie and they encounter some interesting characters. Blow Jam plays their first ever cover song 70 years ago and Ryan and Bennie play their first ever manhole cover song. Beatz by Ryguy (Ryan Blackman)

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Episode 15: The Reality Cult Fantasy Club Smackdown featuring Concept Confederation

July 17, 2016

Blow Jam emerges from their cocoon to witness the Reality Cult rock out in all their glory. The Fantasy Club is the sole dissenter, so we get some fun Reality Cult members' perspective on the matter. The Blow Jam crew plays 'Where in the World' and The Wizard provides interesting information on our friend, Beezow Doo-doo Zoppity-Bop-Bop-Bop. Beats by Concept Confederation; Ryan developed the beats and helped record this, a long time ago in a far away land called Cortland. Dennis Fleury and Screwy Louie D; feel free to reach out- miss you guys...

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Episode 14: Michael Kelly (Lawnmower Man 2 Electric Boogaloo)

July 13, 2016

Vince's dad, Michael, comes by and sets Blow Jam straight on our neighborhood's lawn maintenance situation. He also happens to be an amazing musician; and we have a sick jam together. The Blow Jammers; Dana, Bennie and Vince talk about race and we are all still friends! Deal spits a Plug Hub revival. 

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Episode 13: Diggy’s In Space (Sex-Dream Surfs Up)

July 6, 2016

We open with "Ghost Story," the very first jam Blow Jam ever jammed.The Wizard is the Sex-Dream Surfer of the otter persuasion, and his tiny yet fearsome dog, Diggy, makes a cameo. Dana thrives on Trump anarchy, and Delia has some little-known facts about the Republican candidate. More Beatz by Blow Jam.

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Episode 12: Kenny Mansfield (We’ll All Go Down Dancing Together)

June 27, 2016

The Blow Jammers hang out with pianist Kenny Mansfield. We had some great jams and fine sing-along with Kenny and Vince. There's more news from the future with The Wizard, and Dana elaborates on an interesting theory. 


Episode 11: Beatz by Blow Jam

June 19, 2016

Ryan and Delia went all-out on the beats, tracks and songs for this episode. Everything is original Blow Jam. Our special guests return for their own segments. Dana rants and raps. The Wizard travels in time. Bennie is Bennie. Mad content for our homies. 

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Episode 10: Kevin Kober Dies in Tibet

May 3, 2016
Blow Jam’s back and it’s better than ever! Our guest is one of the most active musicians on the globe; Binghamton punk legend, Kevin “Keviemetal” Kober. He tells the Blow Jam gang amazing stories about the Binghamton punk scene, and we learn about his many fantastic musical projects. We’re still not sure if he sleeps at night. Make sure to listen to our Plug-Hub segment toward the end of the episode because Kevin’s got some cool shows coming up really soon! Kevin’s tracks: “Cults, Religion and Mind Control” by Dance-A-Tron, “Stage Left” by Kadima, and “Ghost Feed”  by Swath. “Plugs” theme and “Forlorned” closing-jam by Blow Jam.

Click here to watch Mastodon play Kevin’s show at the Chinese Buffet 


Episode 9: Binghamton Parade…Hooray! Brought to you by the Intergalactic Vince Kelly Coalition of the Heavens

March 14, 2016

Ryan and Delia brave the crowds to seek out the essence of The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Binghamton. We have great interviews with Bennie Jackson and Marissa Cuthbertson-Jackson, The Wizard, new friend to the show, Rob Connerton, and a post-parade wrap up with Dana Multer. Vince is there too! Superior investigative journalism followed by an old Irish song written by Ryan and Delia. 


Episode 8: Sisterhood of the Noisy Boyz

March 8, 2016

Delia And Ryan host our biggest show yet “rolling 8 cats deep.” Past guests reminisce about how they were initiated in the Blow Jam Gang. Then we play the story game. Descend into drum circle madness. The whole thing is just really funny.


Episode 7: Amanda Graves and Adam Cucci

February 22, 2016

Ryan and Delia enjoy a pleasant Saturday morning with rockin’ roller Amanda Graves of the band Shake Shake Shake. We get to know her a little better and she was a delight! The band’s drummer, Adam Cucci also stopped by and we had a lil jam sesh. Good times ya’ll.