Episode 10: Kevin Kober Dies in Tibet

May 3, 2016
Blow Jam’s back and it’s better than ever! Our guest is one of the most active musicians on the globe; Binghamton punk legend, Kevin “Keviemetal” Kober. He tells the Blow Jam gang amazing stories about the Binghamton punk scene, and we learn about his many fantastic musical projects. We’re still not sure if he sleeps at night. Make sure to listen to our Plug-Hub segment toward the end of the episode because Kevin’s got some cool shows coming up really soon! Kevin’s tracks: “Cults, Religion and Mind Control” by Dance-A-Tron, “Stage Left” by Kadima, and “Ghost Feed”  by Swath. “Plugs” theme and “Forlorned” closing-jam by Blow Jam.

Click here to watch Mastodon play Kevin’s show at the Chinese Buffet 


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